Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser Hair Removal in Acton Pain-Free

We prefer to say that our laser hair removal in Acton is almost pain-free. Most patients experience minor levels of discomfort after a treatment but by undertaking a free test with us, you’ll soon discover that our IPL system delivers a virtually pain-free experience that causes a mild stinging sensation but no outright pain.

Is Laser Hair Removal in Richmond Effective?

The GEM IPL technology that we use for laser hair removal in Richmond delivers noticeable results after just a few sessions but we recommend a full course of treatments for the best results. Our treatments increase the temperature around the follicle by absorbing light and converting it to heat. Thermal heat stops the follicle growing again.

How Many Sessions Must I Attend?

Usually, we find that eight to ten sessions deliver the best results but the number of sessions you need depends on the hair colour, your skin type, hair thickness, your genetic background and the sensitivity of your skin. We also have to analyse the growth cycle because treatments are more effective in some growth phases than others.

Am I Suitable for Laser Hair Removal in Mortlake?

Our laser hair removal in Mortlake is best suited to those with dark hair and fair skin. This hair and skin combination allows hair to absorb greater levels of light energy without burning the skin epidermal. We can also treat patients with darker skin but we usually find that a greater number of treatments may be required.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work for all Areas?

At the Skin & Hairfree Laser Clinic, we provide laser hair removal for all parts of the body with the exceptions of the inner ear and areas in close proximity to the eyes. The most common treatments we provide are for the upper lip, the chin, the legs, the back and the chest. We also use IPL treatments for bikini lines and the underarm area.

Are The Any Side Effects to Laser Hair Removal in Hampstead?

It is completely normal to experience mild swelling and some redness around the treated area for up to 24 hours although many patients feel nothing after an hour. Very occasionally, our laser hair removal in Hampstead may cause redness for a few days. Some patients experience light grazing or scabbing but the majority go back to their daily routines immediately after treatment.